Educating a New Generation of Entrepreneurial Leaders (SSIR)

The lack of jobs is compounded by the lack of skills among those who have an education. Employers globally declare that educational institutions are not adequately preparing young people with appropriate skills for the jobs they have available. The deficit is greatest in the area of soft skills. In “Expanding the Leadership Equation,” a Center for Creative Leadership survey on workforce readiness, executives named self-motivation, communication, learning agility, self-awareness, and adaptability as the most essential skills required for success in today’s work environment. Furthermore, 90 percent indicated that this leadership development needed to begin before the age of 18.”

Catch us on #CGIUChat

January 7, 2014
8:00pm CST

Since July, CGI U has been hosting monthly Twitter chats to allow our online community to interact with CGI U commitment-makers and learn more about their work. To celebrate the start of the New Year, and to encourage students to apply for the CGI U 2014 meeting, the Design Serves team will be sharing our journey at the next Twitter chat, taking place on January 7. We will discuss the progress of our CGI U commitment and share some of the exciting works that we have upcoming. The chat will focus on what 2014 holds for youth and what CGI U students can do to address some of the most pressing issues of the world today.